Intramural sports

For the upcoming American sports comedy film, see Intramural (film). Intramural sports or intramurals are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution,[1][2] or a set geographic area.[citation needed] The term, which is chiefly North American,[2] derives from the Latin words intramuros meaning “within walls”,[3][4][5] and was used to describe sports matches […]

Almo (god)

Almo was in ancient Roman religion the eponymous god of a river in the vicinity of Rome.[1] Like Tiberinus and others, he was prayed to by the augurs of Rome. In the water of Almo the statue of the mother of the gods, Cybele, used to be washed.[2][3] He had a naiad daughter named Larunda.[4] […]

Oude Molen, Simpelveld

Oude Molen Old Mill Oude Molen in 2008 Alternative names Molen van Houben General information Status Rijksmonument (33593) Type Watermill Address Oude Molenweg 6 Town or city Simpelveld Country Netherlands Coordinates 50°50′01″N 5°58′18″E / 50.8337°N 5.9717°E / 50.8337; 5.9717Coordinates: 50°50′01″N 5°58′18″E / 50.8337°N 5.9717°E / 50.8337; 5.9717 Completed 1774 Designations House (1961-present) Gristmill (1774-1961) References […]

Joseph Purtill

Joseph James Purtill, Sr. (1927 – March 25, 2014)[1] was an American jurist and legislator. Born in Westerly, Rhode Island, he served in the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. Purtill received his bachelor’s degree from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont and his law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law. […]

List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Northern Ireland

Group or Formation Period Notes Bardahessiagh Formation Ordovician Blackstokes Limestone Formation Carboniferous Blackwater Limestone Formation Carboniferous Carrickaness Sandstone Formation Carboniferous Chalk Marl Formation Cretaceous Glauconitic Chalk Formation Cretaceous Glencar Formation Carboniferous Killey Bridge Formation Ordovician Lias Formation Jurassic Lias Group/Waterloo Mudstone Formation Jurassic Limehill Beds Formation Silurian Maydown Limestone Formation Carboniferous Pernarth Group/Westbury Formation Triassic […]